Creating Value Through Structured Solutions for Banks and Borrowers in Distressed and Opportunistic Energy Markets

Strategic Energy Capital Partners LLC (“SECAP”) combines a proprietary financial structuring approach with deep US E&P technical, operational and asset management expertise to capitalize on distressed and opportunistic situations in the US energy sector. ¬†We focus our efforts and strategic capital on working with bank partners to maximize the value of assets on their balance sheets, while providing commercial borrowers both operating and development capital to preserve and grow their businesses.

Target Selection

  • Experienced, results oriented management team
  • Distinguished technical skillset
  • Speed of execution
  • Target selection based on proven methodical analysis
  • Asset management

Deal Origination & Structuring

  • Strategic consultant with proprietary approach
  • Unique proposition and financial structures
  • Collaborative relationship with banks and borrowers
  • Highly qualified
  • Deep successful long term track record

Operating Capability

  • Extensive unconventional operating experience
  • Recognized for unparalleled technical expertise
  • Relevant experience and expertise across multiple US basins
  • Vertically integrated