About Us

SECAP Background & Business Overview

  • Strategic Energy Capital Partners LLC (“SECAP”), is a Denver based company formed by two leading energy sector owner/operators: BWAB-Sovereign Energy Group, LLC (“BSEG”) and Zavanna, LLC (“Zavanna”).  We created SECAP to invest in energy sector loan and asset situations using a combination of our founders and partner investors capital, primarily targeting transactions of $20-$500MM
  • SECAP engages Crestmoor Advisors, a specialty strategic consultant and advisory firm, to help it deploy its energy sector management expertise and significant capital, into special energy sector situations
  • SECAP solutions provide turn-key investment capital and project management oversight capabilities for problem loans and asset repositions.  All structures are designed to achieve ASAP accruing and performing loan status for bank partners problem loans and assets, and to achieve the maximum possible repayment or recovery in the shortest possible time frame
  • SECAP is engaged in energy loan repositioning transactions across the U.S. with bank partners using Crestmoor’s proven core problem bank loan repositioning methodologies.  Our approach is unique and we are well positioned with credible and proven experience and excellent references to expand our partnership with banks and commercial borrowers holding problem energy loan exposures, or where opportunistic investment capital may be needed