Crestmoor Advisors

Crestmoor’s proprietary solution-based approach for bank partners and commercial borrowers translates into unique financial and strategic opportunities

Crestmoor Structured Loan Solutions (2010 – 2016)

Served as Captive Strategic Consultant and Advisor to One of Nations Most Prominent, Privately Owned, Real Estate Development Companies

  • Large Denver-based commercial real estate development company Pauls Corporation, created business focused on investing in distressed bank real estate loans and OREO during the recession
  • Crestmoor pioneered for Pauls, a unique, collaborative and partnered approach, designed to work with bank partners and distressed borrowers to reposition problem loans & assets and achieve maximum recovery/profit for vested stakeholders
  • Three successful, and progressively larger funds formed by Pauls to deploy capital into problem and opportunistic commercial real estate loans & assets based upon the strategy, over a 5 year period

Crestmoor Role

  • 2010: Crestmoor engaged as a captive strategic advisor to:
    • Identify and qualify opportunities with bank partners and commercial borrowers
    • Structure unique reposition solutions for problem bank loans and bank owned real estate assets

Structure Concept

  • Provide unique capital format for banks to rightsize select bank loans and assets
    • Provide additional working capital for borrower project funding, debt service and capital expenditure needs
    • Expert asset operations provided by Pauls as agreed with bank partners
  • Partnered approach with banks for participation in value creation and outcome

Investment Activity

  • 2010-2015: Form three successive funds for strategy
  • Crestmoor strategies deployed over 100 transactions with bank partners from Florida to California

Highly Creative And Successful Way To Invest In The Real Estate Sector During The Downturn

Applications In The Energy Sector

  • SECAP utilizing the same proprietary Crestmoor structures for application to challenging bank energy loan situations, bank owned assets, and opportunistic investment situations
  • Large energy loans often syndicated; however same principles apply
  • SECAP combines both bank structures and energy sector expertise for bank partner’s benefit
  • Crestmoor engaged as strategic consultant to SECAP for energy sector project opportunities

Scot Wetzel, Founder & CEO

  • Brings more than 25 years of broad financial services industry experience to Crestmoor, which he founded in 2010
  • Previously, served as the Colorado CEO and Chairman of Compass Bank (now BBVA Compass), where he grew the company from inception to over $2 billion in assets and more than 30 branches, and as a private equity investor and executive in the community banking sector
  • Has directly managed, or overseen as CEO, many diverse businesses including energy banking, municipal finance, mortgage banking, SBA lending, brokerage operations, trust businesses, insurance businesses, and new markets tax credit funding
  • Also serves as an independent trustee and a co-founding director, and as a chairman of the investment committee of the Jackson Variable Series Trust mutual fund complex (Jackson National is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prudential Plc)
    • Over 30 SEC registered mutual funds with over $12 billion of assets