Established Programs

Proprietary strategies and additional tools we utilize

Key Structures:

  • Borrower-In-Place (BIP) – Cooperative Borrower Solution
  • Par Note Purchase Program (PNP) – Adverse Borrower Solution, Problem Lien Position Alternative, Including Multi-Note, Cross Collateralize & Default
  • OREO Alternative Resolution Strategy (OARS) & Bank Owned Asset Resolution Strategy (BOARS) – Collateral Improvement & Liquidation Program (FAS 66 / ASC 360 guided alternatives)
  • Modified DIP – (Debtor-In-Possession) Operation, Management, Capital Expenditure, Development
  • Alternative Finance – Senior & Mezzanine, Refinance, Recap/Reposition & Distress
  • Market Value Note Purchase (MVNP) – Outright note purchases (in lieu of alternative structures, if necessary) with future contingent interest or profit participation, look-back valuations, and proprietary revenue sharing participation

Our “Toolbox”:

  • Advanced Project Operation, Capital Expenditure, & Asset Management DDA Escrow Program
  • Advanced Debt Service DDA Escrow Program
  • “Contingent Interest” – Unique Profit Participation Program, compliant with bank regulatory guidelines
  • Bifurcated A, B & C Note Restructure (FIL 61-2009) Alternatives
  • Asset Restructure Finance – Bankruptcy & Reorganization, Construction & Development, Cap Ex, Operations