How We Do It

Process & Structures

  • Review Bank’s problem energy loans and assets to determine potential reposition candidates – propose individual and portfolio based solutions: no cost for proposed solutions, no obligation to proceed
  • Help Bank determine the best path to achieve maximum valuation and liquidation strategy on underlying loan collateral and develop plan for accelerated loan repayment (structure to match cash flows for regulatory LTV and capital preservation)
  • Create plan to achieve maximum performing loan sizing for Bank – goal to free up ALLL capital, avoid impairment and create NIM expansion via accruing status
  • Position existing borrower or guarantor into cooperative, performing loan status while eliminating potential for bankruptcy if possible
  • Keep existing borrower in ownership chain and proceeds waterfall, preventing extended fight and undue expense, or isolate Borrower away from loan reposition if need be and insert new, qualified Borrower/Private Equity Sponsor (SECAP) to own, control and operate to resolution
  • Structure loan to ultimately meet Banks target credit underwriting guidelines of a performing loan, including targeted level of cash flow coverage and asset valuation
  • Prevent loan collateral from repossession onto bank balance sheet, or distressed liquidation, with managed asset collateral sales as a performing loan over time or in bulk when market conditions improve
  • Have aligned interest with Bank to achieve quickest loan repayment at highest value – Crestmoor’s third party advisor and strategic consultant status and unique structural approach allows it to facilitate potential terms and conditions with Bank, Borrower and SECAP
  • Incorporate problem loan “value anchoring” solutions that are symbolic with bank capital preservation and energy asset disposition strategies
  • Provide ALL capital, expertise and manpower to achieve all of the above