What We Do

Why Our Strategies Work

  • Uniquely invest capital for principal curtailments, debt service, operations, asset protection, sales and marketing into migrating energy loans, or existing problem energy loans or assets, in partnership with Banks and/or their existing Borrowers/Owners
  • Provide energy asset management solutions where non-cooperative or adverse Borrowers are causing underlying asset value deterioration, or are preventing value creation/realization from occurring
  • Move bank owned energy assets (BOA) into accruing and/or performing loan structures while maximizing the value of the underlying energy asset cash flows or loan repayment and recovery
  • Unlock capital in excess of Bank’s basis in owned energy assets and anchor, recover or create Bank capital for non-performing or migrating problem energy loans
  • Provide professional energy asset operation, management, sales, marketing, protection and oversight on every project
  • Align our interests with our Bank partners to create maximum energy asset value for underlying loan collateral over the shortest period of time
  • Provide 100% of the funding necessary to accomplish all of the above